Court Square Civic Association

Sunnyside Yards

Public Green Space Visioning

In May, 2018 the City of New York announced

Over the next 18 months, NYC and Amtrak are engaging in a master planning process to explore the future of Sunnyside Yard, a 180-acre rail yard in western Queens that is one of the busiest railroad facilities in the country.

Sunnyside Yards is very much still in the realm of ‘conversations’ with many options including: no development. That said, CSCA recognizes the current process as a “visioning process” and would like to offer ideas on potential public, open space.

Court Square in Long Island City has long suffered the consequences of poor urban planning with a lack of school seats, public open space, and overall holistic development that affects the daily quality of life for residents and businesses. Our intention in publishing a potential public, open space design for Sunnyside Yards is not to directly advocate for or against the project, but to add to the conversation of what a vibrant, urban livable realm should be, with an important ‘large, interior anchor park’ in Western Queens.