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In Support of Street Seats on Jackson Ave.

Rockrose Development Corporation sought out our support for the installation of seasonal street seats outside of their restaurant spaces on Jackson Ave. After internal deliberation we lent our support, informing Community Board 2 with the following letter:

To our friends at Community Board 2 —

After deliberation, the Court Square Civic Association would like to lend its support to Rockrose’s proposal for the installation of “street seats” outside of its Jackson Ave. retail spaces in Long Island City.

One of the biggest issues plaguing the growth of community in Court Square is a feeling of desolation outside of the 9-to-5 workweek. The deserted nature of our streets after business hours deters residents from walking around the neighborhood — which would create additional foot traffic for businesses.

Our hope is that al fresco dining options — such as the one Rockrose is proposing — will hopefully bring additional life to the streets of Court Square and encourage people to explore the neighborhood.

Best wishes,
Amadeo Plaza
President, Court Square Civic Association

Amadeo Plaza