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The Court Square Civic Association was largely formed in response to the rapid development taking place in the Court Square and Queens Plaza subdistricts of Long Island City. With most of the neighborhood allowing "as-of-right" development, little consideration needed to be made to the overall livability of the neighborhood. This realization prompted both new and old residents to join together and advocate for holistic development, that takes into account crucial infrastructure such as transportation, green space, and schools, as well as neighborhood character defining factors such as cultural institutions and businesses.


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If you're interested in joining us, and having your voice heard regarding the biggest issues and opportunities facing our community, get in touch and join us. Annual dues are $25.

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Pedro Gomez

Pedro is proud to have called Queens home for the past 13 years and moved to Court Square in 2013 with his partner John, right as the neighborhood was beginning its transformation. Before becoming President he served as VP and Chair of the Business Development Committee, where he advocated for the needs of residents and business owners alike. He cares about the fabric of the neighborhood and believes residents play a key role in shaping its character. 



Vice President

Rebecca Barnes

Rebecca has lived in Court Square so long, she can’t quite remember when people started calling it Court Square.  Once upon a time, she and her husband fell so head over heels in love with giant windows and tall ceilings that they promptly abandoned their life in the East Village and never looked back.  Rebecca has two young children and also serves as the Education Committee Chair to advocate for K-8 schools to match the explosive residential growth in our community.




Stephen Fox

A mystery to him a decade ago when he moved, Stephen has since fallen in love with Long Island City. A pioneer in Court Square, he moved to the neighborhood when its reputation was still dominated by less-desirable adjectives. But he saw the potential and invested early. He is married with two little boys and committed to the long haul with his family, and is eager to see where the community will go from here.




Diana Shieh


Diana was a long-time renter in Manhattan until she decided to buy her first home. She fell in love with Long Island City and decided it was the perfect place to start a family while balancing a career in the city due to the unbeatable commute. In 2014, she and her husband purchased a condo in Court Square and spent the rest of the year renovating, just in time for the birth of their first child. Diana is deeply committed to providing children quality education through the public system as well as a healthy environment with protected green space to thrive in. She currently serves on the Education Committee and is an advocate for creating the necessary infrastructure for the well-being of this rapidly growing community.


Board of Directors




Stephen Fox
Pedro Gomez
Orestes Gonzalez
Mandana Limbert


Advisory Board

Vitali Ogorodnikov
Amadeo Plaza (Founder)
James Smithmeyer


Christian Amez
Betsy Ashton
Lori Bacon
Jerry Barnard
Rebecca Barnes (Education Committee Chair)
Karesia Batan
Amy Bassin
Jackie Beach
Rachel Berkin (Parks & Recreation Committee Chair)
David Berkin
Carl Bialik
Melissa Bieri
Emir Boydag
Meaghan Brown
Melisa Cadio
Mary Ceruti
Dave Chaves
Min Chen
Courtney Colligan
Cosmic Fit Club
Theresa Fesinstine
Stephen Fox
Pedro Gomez
Orestes Gonzalez
Kristina Gorlich
Jeff Humbert
Peter Johnson
John Kelly
Leslie Koch
Kevin Kung
David Lee
Mandana Limbert
Sean McNulty
Megan Miller-Yoo
Sarah Obraitis
Tom Paino
Anthony Perez
Svea Schneider (Cultural Advocacy Committee Chair)
Craig Smith
SquareWine & Spirits
Jeremy Swillinger
Gabrielle Tang
Matthew Wallace
Frank Wu  (Transportation & Safety Committee Chair)
Krystal Yoniak