Court Square Civic Association


Gateway to the World's Borough.


North: Queens Plaza South
East/South: Sunnyside Yards
West: 11th St.



Court Square has always had a strong heritage in the arts. Between its dozens of artist studios, and world-class cultural institutions, our neighborhood acts as the epicenter of the LIC arts scene. It is, however, at risk due to rising rents and rapid development. As an organization, one of our goals is to protect and support the continued growth and importance of artists' contributions to the fabric of our community's character.


Sprouting up as suddenly as the gleaming towers that dwarf them, Court Square has given birth to some of the city's best restaurants and bars. From white tablecloth Italian dinners at Il Falco to the finest craft cocktails at Dutch Kills, although there's plenty of room for growth, our neighborhood already covers a surprising amount of ground to satisfy even the most discerning foodies. Our goal: To make sure that growth continues.


It's impossible to look east from Manhattan and not see the rapidly growing micro-city just a few blocks from the river. The vast majority of new developments in Court Square have been residential units, clustering around our rich transit hub. Families are planting roots, people passing through are deciding to stay, and a large-scale community is developing. What was once up-and-coming, has arrived. And for many, it's home.